How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Practice

Use Your Social Media Accounts to Boost Your Practice

Use Your Social Media Accounts to Boost Your Practice

If you’re looking to get more patients from your social media marketing efforts, consider this:

Think about the last time you went to buy something online, only to get to the checkout page and leave without actually purchasing anything.

Was it because you didn’t have a clear intention to buy? Perhaps you realized how expensive shipping costs were, or simply grew frustrated with the complex checkout process?

The average cart abandonment rate for online shopping is a staggering 69.23%, meaning a huge volume of people could be slipping through your own sales funnel—and ruining those conversion rates you’ve worked so hard to boost.

The same principle applies to physical therapy clinics that are trying to convert website visitors into patients. Most users will lose interest or not find the right information they need on your website, but a strong social presence can help users get over any roadblocks that are preventing them from scheduling an appointment at your practice. 

Tactics to Get More Leads for Your Physical Therapy Practice

Here are some awesome tactics you can use to improve online sales with social media content.

  1. Be consistent with hashtag usage
  2. Offer a consultation or discovery session
  3. Offer coupons (if applicable)
  4. Pin a contest on Pinterest
  5. Promote an event (such as a workshop, webinar, or other sponsored community events)
  6. Generate leads via giveaways
  7. Be consistent across all platforms
  8. Share seasonal, topical, and event-related content
  9. Build on your brand voice
  10. Get more engagement on your social media sites


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